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NPL Mens 1’s vs Wimbledon M6

20 November 2022 | Ian Browne
NPL Mens 1’s vs Wimbledon M6

A real rear guard action against Wimbledon who had beaten our 2s 9-0 and Cheam 11-0 already this season. We had 11 players they had 13. First half ended 2-0 with some spirited defence against a skilful team! We definitely could improve on this though and after a half time chat we resolved to defend our D more strongly and focus on completing our passes more accurately. I think this was excellently executed and in fact we managed to get a few attacks put together that emboldened us with a a couple of chances on their goal thwarted by a strong goalkeeper. Inevitably against a team with an average age probably 10-12 years younger than ours the last 15 minutes when we were tiring and on the attack their counter attack gave them an overload that led to 2 goals. Final score 4-0 to Wimbledon. A loss is a loss but we fought a clearly superior team, 2nd in the league, really well and with some small improvements in our structure and decision making plus maybe one or two new 20 year old players, we could turn this around in our return fixture! Thanks to Pockets for saving our bacon by providing his goalkeeping presence when we had only our centre back who has played in goal once… last week as an alternative!

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