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NPL Hockey Club supports Ghana Senior High School!

06 January 2022 | Ian Browne
NPL Hockey Club supports Ghana Senior High School!

Ghana Senior High School

NPL Hockey members dug deep into their wardrobes, cupboards and sheds to find all their old hockey equipment to donate to Odoben Senior High School in Ghana.

They have very limited or no access to sporting equipment which makes it difficult to develop individual and team talents and some of the equipment is well below standard, meaning students play without the necessary safety gear.

They would use whatever they could find, repurpose or make themselves. There were many examples of being quite ingenious where they would make hockey sticks from fallen tree branches and shape these with a knife, use sticks of bamboo woven together with rope to make goal keeping pads and use a motorcycle helmet as protective goal keeper head gear.

Notwithstanding, the school for three consecutive years has been a force to reckon with in hockey even without the necessary equipment and have still managed to be reigning champions in both boys and girls division for the region.

Generous Donations

So at the end of 2019 the NPL Hockey club decided to do something to help them continue to develop hockey and provide a safe opportunity to learn and play sport with some proper equipment. (Insert image) This was shipped to the school over the coming months and a special ceremony was organised where all the donated equipment from the NPL Hockey Club was presented to the school.

We are very pleased to see the young students of Odoben Senior High School enjoying hockey using our unused hockey sticks, balls, shoes, shin pads and professional goal keeping equipment. We look forward to continuing to support the school in the future with regular drives to donate unused sports equipment that we hope they will benefit.

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